2023 IMPORTANT updates


Welcome back everyone to a new year of NAIFC competition.  I'd encourage everyone to check out the rules for the 2023 qualifiers for some significant differences in how the NAIFC will conduct operations going forward, ...specifically, but not limited to...


*Automatic qualification to the National Championsip-Invitations will now be based on the top 20% of the field for each event. This replaces the old way of "the top ten at each event are automatically qualified"...Bigger events could see more people qualify, and smaller events less...


*Since simplifying/clarifying the "15 foot rule" to adress non-fishing activities such as adjusting sonar, retrieving gear, etc. the distance you can fish to another "competitors" shelter has also been updated.  In the past, the rule was loosely defined as "15' hole to hole"...which created enforcement issues because you cannot know from the outside which hole is being fished. The rule will now be "you cannot fish closer than 15' to the center of a competitors fish house".  The 15' rule from any other shelter (non-competitor) remains.


*Shelter size-Going along with the spirit of the rule regarding the above, maximum size limits for allowed shelters have been established, so a huge shack cannot be set up blocking a large area which could then possibly see anglers fishing much closer than 15' from each other, as well as establishing an advantage for the anglers inside. The new rule regarding shelter size can be found at paragraph 14 (c). It basically disallows any shelter over 9' at its longest side and a mximum of 75 square feet.


*Lastly, ANY modification to a fish to add weight will be met with immediate disqualification and a lifetime ban from NAIFC competition. Tournament officials can inspect any fish at any time up to 15 minutes after a team weighs their fish, and any fish that are found to be modified become the property of the NAIFC for evidence.


Let's all have a great 2023 circuit!


Mike Howe, Director.