Tony Boshold

NAIFC Pro Staffer Tony Boshold Home Town: Chicago, IL
Contact Info:

Hobbies: I might be found catching some air on my skateboard at an area skate park.  Yep, I'm oldskool showing them new schoolers we can still school 'em.  Around my house it's a high ollie zone!  My cousin received Pong for Christmas when I was about 3 or 4, I have been a video game addict ever since.  Now I Wii with the family.
Favorite Athlete(s): I have so many, really.  If I had to pick one, then it's "Walter Payton #34 the Sweetness."   They broke the mold when that guy was born.  I do follow many other greats, Jordan, Tiger, Lance, really any sport or tops in their field types that are willing to share.  I love to here what others are doing that they feel makes them such incredible and talented folks.  Fisherman - Fellow Chicagoans - the Lindners, Al, Ron the whole family really and Babe Winkelman.  Tournaments fishers - Rick Clunn is the man, Kevin Van Damm, Gary Parsons and Keith Kavajecz and Mike Gofron.
Favorite Food(s): I did bring Grandma Millie's homemade meatballs to show and tell in third grade, she was up for three days making enough.  When I was a toddler I remember homemade pasta drying in grandma's kitchen, so I'm partial to some good Italian food.  More often than not these days it's Pizza.  All the food groups are represented when done properly, dairy(cheese), meat, veggies, grains and the sauce covers the fruit.  Nobody does pizza like Chicago!   We have pizza once or twice a week in our home.  If I have been on a long road trip, pizza is one of the first stops I make.
Favorite Rod/Reel: For Ice fishing its my St.Croix Legend Ice Rod's with spring bobber paired up with Daiwa Spinmatic ultra light reels. 
Favorite Bait: The one in the fishes mouth.
Favorite Type of Fishing: I'd rather be fishing right now!  Any type, if it ever becomes something I don't enjoy, check my pulse.  I'm always open to new fishing experiences.  Anywhere, anytime, any style! 
Best Fishing Memory as a Child:
My first fish and first time fishing with my dad on Chicago's lake front at the "Montrose Rocks" for Perch.  I was in third grade, 8 years old.  My next would be the first time I set out on my own a couple of years later.  A new location I chose, striking out on my own, catching a beautiful Rainbow trout at the Belmont harbor.       
Best Fishing Moment:
Anytime I can give another person the thrill for their first fish.  Especially my own boy and many other kids, big and small too.  I just think about how they will remember there first fish and if it's anything like my memories, they will be fishing for a long time to come.   Also, right up there, is immediately after Winning the NAIFC 05' I called home to tell them the news and my son replied "I knew you could do it!"  Certainly not last is being chosen to participate against the world on ice for the USA Ice Team in the n 2009 WIFC.  I won the final round team trials to regain a spot on the 2010 USA Ice Team.  In March 2010, the USA Ice Team won the first ever Gold Medal in any fishing discipline in Rhinelander, WI.  I am so proud to be a part of that team and represent our country! 
About Me:
 I eat, sleep and drink fishing.  I like long walks in nature.  I was born and raised in Chicago's north west side.  I work hard and play harder.  I never give up, must have something to do with being a Cubs fan.  I wear my heart on my sleeve. 
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Upcoming Appearences:

On TV - 

  • Angling the Great lakes TV Q1 & reruns Q4 2011 Sportsman Channel  "Windy City Perch angling" with Brian Smith and Gary Eker. 
  • IceMen Season 1 on Sportsman Channel Q1 & reruns Q4 2009 26 weeks 
  • IceMen Season 2 on Versus Q1 & reruns  Q4 2010 26 weeks
  • IceMenSeason 3 on Versus Network (NBC Sports) Q1 & Reruns Q4 2011 26 weeks

In Stores-

  • Cabella's Hoffman Estates, IL- Ice Fishing Classic December 10th & 11th 2011 for MarCum Technologies
  • St.Paul Ice Fishing Show, MN December 3rd-5th 2011
  • Bass Pro Shops Bollingbrook, IL 
  • Bass Pro Shops Bollingbrook, IL 
  • Gander Mountain Geneva, IL 
  • Cabela's Hoffman Estates, IL 

  • All events, well except for Montana, unfortunately or not, I'll be with the USA Iceteam in Kazahkstan for the 9th World Ice Fishing Championship 2012- Click tournaments


  • Arlington Anglers Fishing Club - Dick's Schaumberg, IL Tuesday October 2012 7pm Seminar.
  • NIWA Fishing club - Pizza Pro's Dekalb, IL Tuesday (tbd) 7pm Seminar.
  • Riverside fishing club November 8th, 2011 seminar. 
In Print -
  • F & W sports Ice Fishing Mag - Shape of things to come, article by Noel Vick
  • In-Fisherman Ice Fishing Guide- Contributor in two articles. One with Corey Schmidt and one with Noel Vick.
  • In-Fisherman December 2012 issue- With Corey Schmidt.

Tournament History:
9 time qualifier for the North American Ice fishing Championship. 
NAIFC North American Ice Fishing Championship finishes
  • 02' did not qualify - McNett
  • 03' 4th Place Lake Ida - McNett
  • 04' 7th place Lake Mary - McNett
  • 05' 1st Place Lake Mary & Heaviest 2 day Weight Record Holders for 15 Bluegills and 15 Crappies  - McNett
  • 06' 12th place Lake Carlos - McNett
  • 07' 5th place Lake Henry - Mcnett
  • 08' - Did not fish. - McNett
  • 09' - 7th place Boom Lake Rhinelander, WI Dec 19th & 20th. - Horn
  • 10' - Did not fish- December 2010 George/ Thompson Rhinelander, WI - Horn Did Not FISH!
  • 11' - TBD - December 2011 Lakes to be determined Rhinelander, WI - Pawelkiewicz
Qualifiers placed in: 
  • 1st Place Wisconsin, Lake Redstone 07' - McNett
  • 3rd place Minnesota, Lake Chisago 08' - McNett
  • 2nd place Vermont, Lake Bomoseen 09'  - Horn
  • 2nd place Minnesota, Lake Bylsby 09' - Horn
  • 3rd place Michigan, Lake Hamlin 10' 1.5# 3 min late penalty OUCH!!! - Horn
  • 3rd place Michigan, Lake Hamlin 11' - Pawelkiewicz, Brian
11' Finally fishing with one of my best friends, Brian Pawelkiewicz, we have known each other since 2nd grade at St.Ferdinands on Belmont.  We have a few stories for our grandkids! 09' season was incredible, 2-2nds, 2-7ths, 1-8th, 1-11th, 1-14th.  That set a record for most points in one season at 131.  We weighed two winning "Big Fish" in 09' out of seven qualifiers.  Bob Horn my partner won at Lake Byllsby, MN with a White Bass  weighting 1.02#'s caught on a Gold 5mm Fiskas with a Glow Nuggie on a St.Croix Legend Ice Rod ML with a Pink ML spring.  I won at Lake Delevan, WI with a Crappie weighing 1.63#s caught on a Little-Atom mega glow jig in black rigged "vertizontal" with a Northland Bloodworm soft plastic tail in red, on a St.Croix Legend Ice Rod, ML with an Orange, LT spring. Numerous additional finishes "in the money" with top twenties, top tens and a couple top fives spanning the ice belt from the Dakota's to Vermont.  Over $30,000 in cash and prizes won since 2005.  There's a couple I'd like to forget, but those have been some of my best lessons with 20/20 hindsight. 

WIFC - World Ice Fishing Championship-  USA Iceteam 4 time team member... and counting.

Proud Member of the USA Ice Team which competed in Poland in February 2009 at the 6th World Ice Fishing Championship.
Member of the USA Ice Team which competed in Rhinelander,WI in March 2010 and were crowned the 7th World Ice Fishing Champions and Gold Medalists.  
Member of the USA Iceteam which competed in Ukraine in February 2011 at the 7th World Ice Fishing Championship.
Member of the USA Iceteam Which will compete in 2012 at the 8th World Ice Fishing Championship in Kazahkstan. 

Lake Metigoshe, Minot, ND State Bluegill Championship

  • 9th Place with partner Mike McNett 04'
  • 5th Place with partner Howard "the duck" Underwood 05'
Mike Jackson's Fox Chain tourney - "Illinois Bluegill Championship" - Individual
  •  Biggest Bluegill & 4th place 

NWMA - North West Match Anglers
  • 1st place Crystal lake, IL
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