2018 NAIFC Tournament Series Official Rules

  1. Participants may fish with or without a portable fish house. No hard side/wheel houses. UNTIL the 8:00 am start time all portable fish houses set up must be kept open, participants plainly visible, with no lines in water. After the start time participants may enter and close-up portables.
  2. Team partners must stay within 100 feet (approximately 30 steps) from one another from the time their team has passed inspection until their team's fish have been turned into be weighed. Once inspected tournament rules are active.
  3. Fish must be kept alive in a five gallon bucket or similar container with water and without ice. No frozen fish.
  4. Teams may not fish or perform fishing type activities (i.e., using a flasher, camera or auger) closer than 15 feet from another team or spectators on tournament day. Teams may not fish closer than 15 feet to a hard side fish house. Tournament Director and camera crew is excluded from the rule. Observers will have ability to check 15 foot distances.
  5. Auger covers on blades are required while augers are mounted to machines or during travel.
  6. Participants may drill as many holes as they wish. However, any open hole may be fished by any competitor as long as they maintain the 15 foot rule. Hole Blocking is not allowed: Leaving a portable or other equipment next to a hole does not stop another fisherman from using that hole if you are over 15 feet away.
  7. All laws for Snowmobile/ATVs (registration, licensing, insurance, and helmet laws) must be observed at all times.
  8. State fishing laws must be observed at all times. NO CULLING ALLOWED! NO ALCOHOL ALLOWED!
  9. All fish brought to the weigh-in must be caught on the day of the tournament, during tournament hours.
  10. Participants can fish with only one line at a time. A tip-up would count as a line.
  11. No third-party fishing during the event. Each team must fish on their own without assistance except medical. Family members or friends who are not in the competition may not fish within established tournament boundaries. No communication/sharing of information between teams that may give another team a fishing advantage.
  12. All teams must travel and fish within the designated tournament boundary area.
  13. All pre-fishing must be complete by the start of the 7:00 pm rules meeting the night before the tournament.
  14. At least (1) one team member must attend rules meeting/registration.
  15. There will be mandatory fish house and equipment inspections before teams are allowed to proceed onto the ice. If a team is not in their starting position when the inspectors are ready to inspect their team; they will forfeit their position and go to the end of the line. Teams must hold their starting positions, passing is not permitted. A 15-minute no-fish penalty for passing a team and an additional 5-minute no-fish penalty for each subsequent team passed.
  16. Cars and trucks will not be permitted for team use in the tournament area during the event. Snowmobiles and ATVs can be used when ice conditions are satisfactory for snowmobile and ATV use.
  17. Teams must return to the official tournament weigh line by 1:00 pm with all fish sorted and ready to be weighed. Your BIG FISH must be marked and ready to weigh. A penalty of .5 (½) pound per minute; with a 5 minute maximum will be charged for being late across the time line. After 5 minutes the team is disqualified.
  18. This is a one-day, total weight tournament. Designated species and total number of fish will be announced for each individual tournament. If a team is over their total number of fish, they will be penalized in the following manner: The big fish they register at weigh-ins will be the fish that is culled from their total bag number. Example: A team comes to scale with 17 fish, when the total bag limit is only 16 fish. Their big fish will be removed to bring their count to the designated limit of 16 fish. That team will also be deducted the weight of their big fish from total weight. Example: The big fish weighed .75lbs. The bag limit weight after the corrected number of fish was 5.75lbs. Official weight is 5.00lbs.
  19. If a team witnesses a violation of these rules, it is the obligation of that team to notify an official immediately. If a violation is reported after the fact (up to one hour after the 1:00 pm stop fishing time), the team filing the grievance must do so in writing, with a form provided and a processing fee. If grievance is valid processing fee will be refunded.
  20. To preserve the integrity of the field the Tournament Director reserves the right to disqualify a team from the NAIFC Tournament Series and Championship for any rules infraction. Rules 1-7 allow one warning before DQ. The NAIFC Tournament Series reserves the right to amend and introduce rules.

Tournament Director: Jack Baker 612-308-4858 or jbakersports@hotmail.com