Performance points:
100 points for first place, 99 for second place, etc. with each place reducing by one point down to the last team to weigh-in a fish.  Weighted Points Based on Field Size: Qualified event participants will receive bonus points ADDED to performance points which are weighted based on field size so that ALL teams in a given field size benefit. The larger the field-size the more bonus points are awarded to ALL participants as follows: For events with 30 or less teams zero - 0 - field size points are awarded. For 31-40 teams/3 points, 41-50 teams/6 points, 51-60 teams/9 points, 61-70 teams/12 points, 71-80 teams/15 points, 81-90 teams/18 points, 91-100 teams/21 points. The Performance Points and field size Weighted Points will be added together to determine the team’s total points for the tournament.  Points are distributed to teams and may not be transferred because of partner change except for registered Premier Teams. In the event of unauthorized partner changes as defined by rule or otherwise, a partner change constitutes a new team. 

Premier Teams & Substitues:

Premier teams are those teams that support the circuit by signing up and committing to fish three (3) or more events.  Premier teams are committed to paying for all events signed up for even if something happens that prohibits their attendance. Premier teams (only) will be allowed to designate a substitute member to be considered for use just in case a team member is UNABLE to attend with the following restrictions; A designated substitute must be identified as your team’s substitute in advance by full legal name PRIOR to you fishing your first event unless otherwise approved by NAIFC. Substitute team members cannot be nor ever have been a professional guide, nor won a state, regional or national event on the body of water they are being utilized for.

For all participants a spouse, immediately family member or your under-age child who meet all other conditions contained herein may be utilized in a case of verified unavoidable emergency. Tournament Officials (whose decisions are final) must agree that: a.) the original partner CANNOT attend and b.) The designated substitute is not a “ringer” or local expert and must investigate and approve a substitution on a case-by-case basis. IF ALL these conditions are met with official approval, an official team substitute can replace a team member who CANNOT attend an event and team points will NOT be lost. Please use this benefit as it is intended which is to help keep you fishing if your partner is UNABLE and CANNOT attend an event, it is NOT intended to give you a substitution to use anytime you wish to gain a competitive advantage and will not be allowed as such.

NAIFC reserves the right to STOP or alter this benefit if attempts to abuse it get out of hand. Do not attempt to abuse this customer service benefit or in NAIFC’s sole judgment it will cease for all anglers and abusers will be identified.

Team of Year Standings  Best of 3
        H             E             B             G             E               N O    K    O   B   O   J      I C   H   A   N   N   E   L B   A   L   S   A   M H   O   U   G   H   T   O   N W   I    N   N   E   B   A   G   O Best         of         Three
Chad Schuab Anthony Rodriguez 107 98 95 100 99   306
Tim Marsh Thane Melton 108 81   87 98   293
Jason Kamrath Nate Winters   92 103 97     292
Ed Bagley Mike Reimann   86 98 96     280
Kevin Fassbind Nick Symers   93 90 94     277
Tanner Lueptow Cam  Stark   97 78 88     263
Aaron  Berg Matt Thayer   100     100   200
Nick Schertz Kevin Kowalski   89   98     187
Tom Issac Ryan Bircher   91   85     176
Pat Angell Pat Hilbert   88 87       175
Tom Yarrington Kelly Yarrington 109            
Cody Walter Jeff Fields 106            
Trent Thomas Troy Thomas 105            
Heath Wood Kristina Otinel 104            
Jason Pertrillo Vincent Hayes 103            
Royce Schlegel Shae Balbach 102            
Jim Hesse Zack Nadolski     102        
Chris Kinghorn Haden Wood 101            
Nolan Arthur Lucas Wright     101        
Aaron Huges Russ Johnson 100            
Brandon Newby Ryan Wilson     100        
Ben  Lutterman Colby Kraninger   99          
Christopher Blueher Sidney Amaro 99            
Ben  Blegen Luke  Blegen       99      
Myron Gilbert Dave Ellis     99        
Corey Mefford James Boggus 98            
Mark Garcia Jarrett Haugan 97            
Robert Doubek James Cieslica     97        
Lucas Wright Nolan Arthur         97    
Jake Meek Keith Kniffen   96          
Garrett Oslter Robert Rowley 96            
Jack Lekarczky Robert Loss     96        
Jeremy Moser Scott Ferris         96    
Blaine Fopma Brett Sichmeller   95          
Shawn Hennings Mason Hennings 95            
Jack Halverson Billy Whiteside       95      
Ryan Pennings Jason Gollner         95    
Brady Bock Shaylon Lahr   94          
Scott Clark Zach Sonderer 94            
Dale Erath Chris Lemerand     94        
Mike Lauharn Brandon Couts         94    
Tate Rome Luke Johnson 93            
Jacek Gawlinski Josh Lenda     93        
Tad Westermann Lawrence Luoma       93      
Travis Kersjes Chris Howard         93    
Austin Rehyer Dylan Riis 92            
Jake Meek Erin Meek     92        
Shawn Bjonfald Steve Burkart       92      
Doug Jones Tiffany Becker         92    
Cody Fudally Jake Sallander 91            
Keith Kniffen Jeremy Moats     91        
Chad Martin James Carlson       91      
Steve Ritter Eric Ritter         91    
Jim  Hesse Zack Nadolski   90          
Clay Vines Keith Johnson 90            
Clayton Kettering Ryan Hylla       90      
John Brake John Jones 89            
Jason  Shine Eddie  Michneiwicz     89        
Zack Westermann Kelly Eppers       89      
Chris Swenson Steven Swenson 88            
Chris Howard Michael Husband     88        
Tony Martin Gus Gustafson   87          
Wayne Schegel Denise Schegel 87            
David Freeman Ron Frey 86            
Tom  Kiesgen Mirek Szadorski     86        
Scott Neumann Eric Jaspersen       86      
Tony Ruter Colton Ruter   85          
Jon Good Waylon Cannon 85            
Johnathan Munda Kyle Dunn     85        
Randy Meyer Derick DeBoer   84          
Dugie Denton Robert Rodriguez 84            
Brad Mikeska Ed Klepacki     84        
Dustin Wagley Chad Fukkerton       84      
Jack Halverson Corey Bechtold   83          
Josh Siepert Crystal Molina 83            
Brett Erickson Dereck Schulter     83        
Chad Peterson  Michael DeBruin   82          
Seth Wood Taven Marquez 82            
Ron Levin Nick  Ingoglia     82        
Brian Brocious Ross Smethurst 81            
Robert Galladora Kole Wilhelm     81        
Tyler Lyon Nick  Cox    80          
Richard Reichert George Sabochick 80            
Ray Tiffany Steve Westphal     80        
Ben  Zenor Calvin Grosvenor   79          
Carl Carter Chris Larson 79            
Tony Ingoglia Anthony Ingoglia     79        
Caleb Grosz Andrew Lindner   78          
Landon Gomez Joe Boucaher 78            
Bill Dolan Lynn Paris 77            
Brody Vance Sage Rushing     77        
Justin Stinmetz Jeff Barnes 76            
Tyler Bessa Andrew Mosley     76        
Dan Zito Brandon Lavider 75            
Peter Carroll Stephen Messier 74            
Brant Pierson Zane Cozboy 73            
Brad Welch Kenny Welch 72            
Scott Clark Ben Clark 71            
Chuck Fererson Fred Saur 70            
Brett Erikson Laura Sandall 69            
PL = Overall place for the season
AQ = Team has automatically qualified for the championship by placing in the top 10 in at least one event
TEAM = Team number and names
IL, MN, etc. = Points earned per event for the season
POINTS = Total Qualifying Points based on team's top 3 point totals earned per event for the season (Total Points earned for the season)
[PL] = Tie-Breaker 1 - Highest Place registered for the season *
[WT] = Tie-Breaker 2 - Highest Weight registered for the season
[BF] = Tie-Breaker 3 - Biggest Fish registered for the season

* This tie-breaker was not applicable to the 2008 season standings.



Qualifying Field: The top 65 teams over current season's events are invited to the NAIFC Tournament Series Championship, with the top 10 teams from each event automatically qualifying.

Tie-Breakers: (in order of application)

  1. Qualifying Points based on each team's top point totals earned per event for the season.
  2. The Highest Place each team achieved for the season. *
  3. The Highest Weight each team registered for the season.
  4. The Biggest Fish each team registered for the season.

Duplicates and Alternate Teams:
The first few highest ranked non-qualified teams should consider themselves as "alternate" teams who will be invited to back-fill open slots in the championship field. Open slots can occur for two reasons:

  1. It is possible for a person to qualify more than once if that person fished with a different partner in more than one event, causing a "duplicate" slot. When this occurs, that person has the choice of fishing in the championship with either partner. As a result, the partner(s) not chosen will be unable to participate in the championship unless the partner(s) qualified in turn with another partner who qualified only once, or are chosen by that partner. When someone qualifies more than once, each of their qualifying teams will continue to be listed in the qualifying bracket. However, for each "duplicate" slot, the field will have an opening which will be filled by the highest ranked alternate team.
  2. It is also possible that some teams who qualified will not be able to participate in the championship for reasons of their own. When this occurs, the field will have an opening which will be filled by the highest ranked alternate team.

* This tie-breaker was not applicable to the 2008 season standings.

NOTE: A team may have placed in an individual tournament if they participated but did not turn in a bucket for weigh-in, however this tie-breaker would not count because teams must weigh at least one fish during the season in order to be included in the season standings.

Championship Team Configuration: